Complete building and maintenance of elevators (planning, manufacturing, installation, licensing) throughout the European Union.

Nyírlift has been developing dynamically since the mid of the 1990's; it undertakes jobs in the whole area of Hungary. We have developed our manufacturing capacity and machinery fleet throughout the years. We are supplying cabin and structure elements in large quantities for the companies working in the Hungarian elevator industry, besides our own installations, also, we are furnishing the international market with our products.

Due to the quality of the lifts, the repair and the increasing number of satisfied customers our company has become the first lift company owned by Hungarians completely - we are pursuing our activities as a family company managed by the second generation since 2008 - which has taken the first place in the number of elevator installations for several years since 2000, right after the multinational companies.

In order to utilize our existing capacity our company undertakes small and middle-sized series of sheet processing, as well as powder dyeing and shot-blasting connected to surface treatment. Due to the changed market conditions we have restructured the company profile in 2008, it is our objective to use the products of best quality suppliers.

Our company get work from design to complete building from 2010 in Romania , from 2012 in Austria and in all member states of the EU.