Designing of elevators and escalators, engineering service

Our company offers solutions both for the standard devices and the most unique designs, for load capacity from 25kg to 25000kg (panoramic, laser cut stainless steel, powder coated with individual RAL colour code, etc.). In addition to the types listed below, we can implement any individual load capacity or dimensions.

Designing of elevators and escalators, engineering service

We contribute to the support of the designers and investors already in the beginning phase of the construction, procurement projects. Do not hesitate to contact us in connection with food lifts, elevators, car lifts, freight lifts, etc. The building will receive the building permit only if separate planning application documents are prepared for the elevators. Above lifting height of 3 meters, the stair lifts, home-lifts and elevators also require planning application documents.

Our company is available for helping the work of private persons, investors, designer offices and building companies as well.

Via the above links you can download preliminary information data supplies of our standard devices, but beyond these we can meet your quite unique demands as well!

The data supply documents shown below are only for information; the dimensions may change, so contact our company for exact data supply.